How To Get More YouTube Views

If you want to know how to get more YouTube views then you have come to the right place. This YouTube guide can help you get more YouTube views and give your account increased exposure and awareness. There are many factors to consider when you are trying to increase YouTube views but it ultimately comes down to one thing – SEO. This stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is the art of making a website or web page appear higher within search engine results such as Google.

You may be wondering what on Earth SEO has to do with YouTube? Well, YouTube is actually the 2nd largest search engine in the World behind Google, who also happens to own YouTube. People type queries into YouTube’s search box millions of times a day in search of what they want to see. While there are other important factors not related to SEO which will help you in getting more YouTube views, SEO really is the core of it and will directly influence the amount of views, likes, dislikes, subscribers, and following that you can generate.

How to Get More YouTube Views?

Getting more views on YouTube will come down to many factors. The algorithm is always changing and evolving so what worked last year may not work this year. There is one thing for certain though; SEO will help to get more views on your YouTube videos.

Why is SEO So Important on YouTube?

YouTube is owned by Google and that gives certain advantages to it such as a preference to appear in the top results of Google searches rather than videos published on other video sites like Dailymotion or Vimeo. Therefore, not only is it important to increase your YouTube video ranking on the platform itself, but you need to also know how to rank YouTube videos on the first page of Google.
Now, most people want to rank YouTube video on the first page of Google in minutes but it simply just does not happen like that. There are a lot of factors which go into YouTube SEO optimization both on and off YT. After you have followed this YouTube SEO tutorial, there will be other things such as your views, comments, and subscriber ratios which will continue to influence your YouTube video rankings.

YouTube SEO Tips – SEO For YouTube Channel

Finding A Keyword

What are Keywords? Let’s start with the basics. Keywords are the words that people type into a search engine when they want to know something. Anything you type into Google or YouTube is a keyword such as “Best Guitar Riffs”, “How To Lose Weight”, and “YouTube SEO”. What you want to do is target a keyword to try and help your video rank for it. For example, if you are an SEO company then you will want to target a keyword such as SEO, SEO Services, etc. The problem is that all companies that are in the industry are competing for the same keywords. Therefore, getting to appear in a good position for that particular search will be very difficult if not impossible.

Every keyword has its own level on competition which is the degree of difficulty to rank it. The competition for keywords can range from incredibly easy to virtually impossible and it can be hard to figure out which keywords would be good to target. An important part of knowing how to get more YouTube views is knowing which keywords to target.

What you actually want to find are keywords called Long Tail Keywords. These are keywords which are typically four words or more and are either a direct term such as “YouTube Video Ranking Software” or longer terms which can also be questions such as “ How To Rank A YouTube Video on The First Page of Google”. You also want your chosen keyword to have a low to medium level of monthly searches. If the volume is too high, chances are the keyword is too competitive. A monthly search volume of approximately 300 – 2000 should suffice for this. There are three ways you can go about finding a long tail keyword for your YouTube video:
1- Google Keyword Planner Tool

This tool is made by Google and is free to use. Simply go to and sign in or create a Gmail account. You may need to go through some verification steps to start using it but you do not have to spend any money, even if you think you have to start a campaign. The downside of this tool is that Google updated it in September 2016 to have a very broad range for monthly search volume results so you are unsure if your keyword gets searched 100 or 1000 times a month.

2- SEM Rush

This is a paid tool but is well worth the cost for what it can do. It can really help you with finding long tail keywords and is very easy to use and it comes with a host of other useful features too. If you are having trouble viewing accurate monthly search volume numbers because of the Google September 2016 Keyword Planner Update then SEM Rush is the tool you need.

3- YouTube

The third method, a little more rudimentary, is simply to do your own search with YouTube keywords (notice when you put a keyword as you appear in the search box suggestions of long tail keywords?) and see how many results appear with that keyword in the title and description.

After you have found a long tail keyword you need to examine the first results on YouTube after searching for the keyword. Observe how many times people use the keyword in the title, in the video description and tags, and even the comment section. All these elements determine the position that a video will rank on YouTube and the higher the numbers will make it more difficult to pass in front of the video. Remember, if you want to know how to get more YouTube views, the keyword is everything.

How To Get More YouTube Views:
Getting Started

YouTube is strategically important for any brand but also for anyone who wants to make money or increase their brand exposure. It is a Social Network that has taken an increasingly prominent role and today is fighting with Google as one of the most widely used search engines. In fact, YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the World right after Google. Not to mention that many videos appear in the results in the search box of Google itself for certain searches too. This is why it is so important to not overlook YouTube as part of your Social Media Marketing strategy because your videos can also appear in Googles search engine results and help increase YouTube views.

How To Get More YouTube Views


How to get more YouTube views? Start with optimizing your video. It is important to optimize your video as it appears on YouTube in every way that you can. And I don’t mean the video itself, I am talking about everything else relating to it. Let’s get started.


Video Name

The name of the video, as with the images you use must carry a keyword as mentioned before. If you want people to find your video on YouTube when people search for something, it must be targeting a keyword. For example; if your video is about ‘How To Increase YouTube Views’ then you will need to name your video with those words appearing first.


Video Title

The title should also include the keyword too as mentioned above. The more towards the beginning of the title the better it is.

Pro Tip – Repeat the word or keywords twice in the title

How to do it without making it look forced?

Use the keyword first as the subject title then write what the video is about using the keyword too for example:

“YouTube Views: How To Get More YouTube Views”



Be aware of the description because many people forget it. The description must be complete with as many words as you can fit and it must also have your keyword appear in it too. The sooner the keyword appears the better it will be and if you can create descriptions of 400-500 words for every video then you are greatly increasing your chances of ranking a video higher on YouTube.

In the description, you can also use other keywords related to your main keyword. For example, if your main keyword is “marketing” then you can include the keywords “branding”, “advertising”, “promotion”, and so on. You can also put links in your descriptions too so if you have a website this is a great opportunity for you to get a link for it and increase your website’s traffic with YouTube.



These are short one-word descriptions that summarize what your video is about. People are able to click on tags and view other videos that have been categorized into them and it also carries some weight with YouTube SEO.



Short for Click Through Rate, which is the number of people who see your video when searching for a related term and click on it. This is a big part of the YouTube search algorithm and has an impact over your YouTube video ranking. These are the two best ways to increase the click-through rate of a YouTube video:

Have click-bait style titles to encourage people to click
Choose the best thumbnail you can to entice people to click



A like or comment on your video is indicative to YouTube that your video is starting to become popular and it will recognize this. The more interaction and engagement that your video gets the more YouTube will think that your video is worth showing to people.


Getting Links

Having websites that directly link to your video is also a factor that YouTube considers and it also creates a backlink to that video which can improve its SEO. This is very important if you are learning how to get more YouTube views and if you can attract quality backlinks to your video they can help improve its SEO and rankings.

How To Get Views on YouTube

1. Content

This is the main reason why people are going to watch your videos. If your content is boring, too long, repetitious, and generally makes people annoyed or lose interest while watching then you need to re-evaluate your content strategy. You should have a clearly defined niche as to what you make videos about and stick to it. People are going to be interested in your videos because of the theme, but they will keep watching because of the content. In terms of how to get more YouTube views, your content is going to be the driving force that you influence this.

More YouTube Views

Take a look around at some of the successful and popular YouTube channels from various genres. They have their own style that they film in and idiosyncrasies they make them unique and people love this. When you are watching videos from people who create content in their own style, it captivates your attention and you know that it is their signature way of doing things. Also, pay close attention to the comment section of your videos, people will leave clues and hints for you as to what they do and don’t want to see. You don’t have to bend over backwards to please everybody, but if there is a general consensus that something needs to change, you should take note and listen.

2. Study your competition

The best way to start on YouTube is to study the habits of your competition so subscribe to the channels of your competitors. You may find this a little strange, but it is a good way to learn from your mistakes and generate success much faster. It is also advisable to study the habits of your competition, the frequency of publications and when they make their publications. Once you have done proper research, you’re ready to develop a good marketing strategy for YouTube.


3. Equipment

Some people will argue that you need the best cameras for YouTube and others will say that equipment doesn’t matter. It really does depend on what you are filming and some types of videos may require higher quality equipment than others. Most YouTube experts and professionals will agree though that if you make good content that people love watching, then the equipment is not important.


4. Develop A Theme

You need to have a specific niche that you are going to create videos for. People love to subscribe to channels that allow them to watch videos on various topics that they are interested in. Pick something you are good at or enjoy and specialize in it so you will be the go-to channel for that niche.


5. Be Consistent

Consistency can be hard. It takes time, energy and motivation to stay on top of but if you want to get more YouTube views then your subscriber base is going to want to see some regular content being published.


6. Use Annotations

YouTube has a great feature that allows you to annotate a video. This displays a popup message while the viewer is watching and can be used to let your followers know about the launch of new products, free offers, etc.


7. Share It

How to get more YouTube views? Share it! Take advantage of other Social Networks and share your videos on them too so that all of your followers can see it. Promote your videos to people outside of YouTube in every way that you can think of to maximize your exposure and get more views to your YouTube video.


8. Encourage Participation

Another important thing to do to get more YouTube views is to encourage participation in the comments section of your video. Ask people to leave you a comment or to give you a “like” if the video has seemed good to them. You’ll have to respond to all comments and also moderate the talks if necessary while they are small and manageable. People will see that you care about the people leaving comments and will be able to interact with you which gives a far more personable feel to your channel

Improve YouTube SEO

How To Rank YouTube Videos on Google

In addition to everything listed above which will contribute to your YouTube video ranking in Google, there is still one more thing that your video needs in order to really rank and that is quality backlinks. A backlink is when a website links to another one. This sends power, otherwise known as “link juice” from that website to the page it is linking to. The strategy for acquiring backlinks has changed a lot and what worked two years ago can almost be considered obsolete today. You can’t just get a link from any website and it will be beneficial for you. The link must come from an authoritative source that is directly related to your niche in order for it to pass on its SEO benefits to you.

In conclusion, many people wonder how to get more YouTube views and often have no idea where to start. It actually isn’t as hard as it sounds or like people make it out to be, it just takes some time and commitment. So, stop wondering about how to get more YouTube views and take action on everything you have found in this tutorial. You can really boost your account and learn how to get more YouTube views with this guide and start getting that popular channel you have always wanted.