How To Get More Twitter Followers

You may be wondering how to get more Twitter followers fast without following them since your account has been struggling to gain traction. Well, unfortunately, it’s just not that easy. There are plenty of ways to increase Twitter followers for free and even better ways to do it with paid strategies and it can be tough to build a big following on Twitter, especially when your account is brand new. The good news is, we have written this comprehensive guide which will teach you how to get more followers on Twitter for free fast and with a more long-term and strategic approach as well.

How To Get More Twitter Followers:
Getting Started

So, you need to know how to get more Twitter followers and have decided that you are unhappy with your current growth rate. This is a completely normal and very common situation and it actually isn’t as hard as you think to generate good results. Before you get started though, what exactly do you want to get out of Twitter? Do you want to increase your business, build a brand, gain more exposure, drive more sales, generate leads, or perhaps just build a bigger following? There are many reasons why you would want to know how to get more Twitter followers, but the reason for why you want to get them could actually require a different method for acquiring them than another.

How To Get More Twitter Followers

Some possible goals you want to achieve on Twitter could be:

Generate traffic from Twitter to your website or blog
Connect with certain professionals in your sector
Create a recognizable brand that people identify with
Generate leads to promote to later
Sell your products or services
Build a reputation as an expert in your niche or industry

At the end of the day, most people all have something in common regardless of what they want to achieve with Twitter, and that is that they need to get more Twitter followers. The followers will drive your business, increase brand awareness, share and promote your tweets, tell their friends about you, and so much more that will ultimately lead to generating the results that you want. The problem is that people don’t know where to start or they lack the motivation to do a bit of manual work for a while and give up in a short amount of time because they are lazy or didn’t get instant results.

Increase Twitter Followers

How To Get Many Followers on Twitter

Choose A Good Name

You ideally need to choose a name that is easily remembered and identifies you while also being as short as possible. Shorter names are easier to remember for people who type them in, search for, and tell their friends. Because it is unique, no one else will be able to use it and it is important because it will be indexed in search engines. Be sure to use an available name that is as closely related to your brand or company as you can. You can check name availability with Namecheckr.

Create A Good Profile

You need to create a good profile that stands out and makes people take notice. You can do this by choosing a good profile picture and cover picture so that you can brand your account. Branding is very important, even if you are a freelancer and you are your brand. It creates a personality that can resonate with people and you have the opportunity to create your own distinctive style.

Profile Picture

Once you have created your account, the first thing you have to do is create and upload a photo. The image or avatar is not a trivial issue. It can be a logo, a portrait or a brand shot. This will be visible when you make posts, which are known as “Tweets” so you need to choose a picture that stands out and is recognizable.

Cover Photo

If you really want your profile to have a professional visual aspect then uploading a cover photo can really make it pop. This photo is visible on your profile page and it will appear behind your profile picture. If you have experience in graphic design or choose to hire a professional you can create a profile picture and cover photo that can seamlessly blend and integrate together to form a complete picture. This can really make your profile stand out because not many people adopt these types of designs and it is instantly noticeable when you come across a profile that is doing it. Remember that the dimensions should be 1500 × 500 pixels.

Complete The Profile Description

The biography section is the text that appears below your profile picture and is a very important piece of text because it is seen by many people. Write what you want to convey to people who visit your profile with the limited space you have available and be sure that it says as much crucial information as possible.

Link To Your Website

You also have a section to include a URL if you choose to. This is a great way to not only tell people your website and allow them to easily visit it, but it also gives you a backlink which is beneficial for your websites SEO. Do not overlook this section if you have a website or blog, I guarantee you that you will be missing out if you do!

Define and Identify With Your Target Market

If you specialize in a particular product, service, or niche, then you should have a good idea about who your target market is and how to speak to them. It is absolutely critical that your profile and content are geared towards these people and you shouldn’t be trying to please other people just to try and get more Twitter followers.

Get Twitter Followers Fast

It is certain that not all of your followers will be your customers, even the vast majority of them won’t be, but you should focus the content of your tweets to the tastes, interests, and needs of your key audience so that you are always delivering a message to those who are interested in doing business with you.

Writing quality content that appeals to your target market can involve a lot of work, but I assure you that it is totally worth it. Unless you are delving into a niche that you are new to, which will be a lot harder to become successful in, then you should know some industry lingo and jargon that you can use in your content and also relative images and videos that your followers would want to see.

How To Gain More Followers on Twitter Fast

Follow People

If you are new to this Social Network you can increase Twitter followers with the contacts and friends you have who are using Twitter by exporting them from your email list. This is the best way to get more Twitter followers when you first start because people that you already know will be more inclined to follow you rather than strangers who just come across you. You can also use the built-in search function that Twitter has to look for a few strategic follows that you should make. Just type a keyword or even job title into the search box and have a look at who comes up. If you think that someone would be beneficial to your business, then follow them and they will be alerted that you are now following them because when you follow someone that person will get a notification that displays your profile picture and your name. Many of these people will then visit your profile and there is a good chance that they will follow you back, even if it’s just out of courtesy. If you want to really know how to get more Twitter followers fast, then follow this point and the next one for great results.

Follow People Back

As with the strategic above with following people to get their attention so that they will follow you, often people will do the same thing to your Twitter profile too. While most of these people want you to follow them back, it will increase your Twitter followers and they may even share your content too. So remember, if someone follows you and they are following quite a few other people too, give them a follow back so that you can grow your Twitter account faster.

Interact With Your Followers

Occasionally, you will get some people who comment on your tweets and some of them want to interact with you too. When you are first starting out on Twitter and don’t have many followers, you should reply to all of these messages so people can see that you are active and engaging with your followers. This can greatly boost your exposure because you are letting people know that you are approachable and it also feels so much more personal than being just another account that someone follows. If people know that they can interact with you then you have so many opportunities to subtly market your brand to them and get people telling their friends about you.

Tweet Consistently

If you are able to analyze over time when your followers are most active, you have greatly increased your marketing and promotional opportunities. By studying your engagement rates on Twitter, you can see when you get the most responses from people at certain times of specific days and tweet at those times. You can also use a great tool called Audiense which will enable you to easily gather these statistics in no time.

Make Proper Use of Hashtags

If you are still wondering how to get more followers on Twitter, then properly using Hashtags can really be the key to your success. Hashtags are used to categorize tweets and are much easier to find when looking for a particular subject. The most popular tweets for the day are located on the left in the opening panel of a Twitter account for all users to see. You can click on each hashtag to see all tweets that are in it and this is also a way for people to be able to see you and start following you too.

Twitter Hashtags

You can search for the most popular hashtags to use and you will be visible to all people who are clicking that moment on that hashtags and also see all the tweets from people who also have used it too. Simply use the # on your keyboard followed by any word and then you are using a hashtag on Twitter.

Don’t Be Crazy About Yourself

No one wants to follow someone who just constantly promotes themselves all the time. You need to mix it up a bit you won’t increase Twitter followers by talking about your products or services without sharing something your followers will enjoy. Try to remember the 80/20 rule to go by here:

80% of your tweets are to appeal to your followers
20% of your tweets are promotional

You want to keep your audience as interested as possible in following you and even though your Twitter account is most likely there to increase your exposure and business, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about doing it. Sure, it’s your account and you can do what you want with it within reason but, your followers will quickly start to dictate what they like and what they don’t like by dropping their engagement and you.

How To Get Followers On Twitter Fast Without Following Them Back

Schedule Tweets

One of the keys to getting more followers on Twitter is being active in the hours when most of your audience is online. However, it is sometimes impossible to be tweeting at the exact time that best suits them day after day, especially if you’re increasing the volume of tweets you post. Therefore, there are tools that allow you to write several in one day and schedule them to be published throughout the day or even week. This makes it so much easier for you to appear like you are extremely active and also maximize your reach to your audience.
This does not mean you can schedule 100 tweets and forget about Twitter altogether and hope that it just works out. It means that you save a lot of time and energy by getting all of your future tweets ready for the day or next few days and then have more time later to focus on other important aspects of your business. There are many tools for this, but one of the best ones is Jarvee.

Create Promotions

You can also attract customers and get more Twitter followers with promotions. This is one strategy that works best for this: offering discounts, competitions or free gifts to complement a purchase. These kinds of incentives will help retain your users and give them the little push needed to encourage them to buy and maybe even share with their friends too. Another example is to create a lead magnet for each type of product or service you offer. This way you will not cold-sell and you will provide more value to targeted people. For example, you can make a webinar with an expert in your subject and once you have finished the webinar, offer a subtle promotion of the service you want to sell.

Advertising Campaigns

How to get more Twitter followers really fast? Buy some ads. Out of all of the methods and techniques here that answer the question of how to get more Twitter followers, this is the first one that directly requires a financial investment in order to perform. Purchasing ads on Twitter is the fastest way to get more Twitter followers and can bring you the results you want in the shortest amount of time. What you spend is entirely up to you but it has been proven many times that the greater investment can yield the greatest reward.

How To Get More Twitter Followers:
In Conclusion

Worrying about how to get more Twitter followers is common, even for larger and more established accounts. It is actually easier than you think but the problem is that most people either don’t have the time or don’t want to do the work. Even an hour a day following strategic accounts and posting good content can be enough at the initial stages.

Get More Twitter Followers Fast

You can also hire an intern if you choose to who is looking to gain more experience and have something else to put on their resume. There are plenty of people who are very competent and Social Media savvy who will be willing to use and promote your Twitter account for free in exchange for this opportunity seeing as though it’s only a couple of hours a week. Just don’t expect or demand the quality and workload that a professional Social Media manager can perform and treat your intern with respect. After all, they are arguably benefiting you a lot more than you are benefiting them so remember this because they also know how to get more Twitter followers.