How To Get More Pinterest Followers

Need to know how to get more Pinterest followers? Pinterest is a Social Network in the style of a board. Do you know those big board’s made from corks that you can stick things onto with thumbtacks and pins? Well, now you know how Pinterest works! It is the same concept as this but completely virtual. Users have an organized profile in different thematic panels in which they Pin things they see on the Internet that interest them for various reasons. Whether it’s those shoes that you just have to get, a delicious recipe, an interesting tutorial, a beautiful picture, and everything you can imagine and more can fit on a Pinterest board!

Once you open an account on Pinterest, you can follow certain topics or other users and their boards, you can comment pins that they have made, like their pinks or Repin their content to your own boards. You can upload your own image from your computer or by visiting a page with the Pinterest browser pin installed and Pin It on the fly.

How To Get More Pinterest Followers:
Getting Started

Complete Your Whole Profile

This one really is a no-brainer but it is often the first thing to be overlooked. A profile of Pinterest that is incomplete or poorly designed may be the reason why many people do not follow you. Therefore, it is so important to have a well-designed and complete profile to get people’s attention and make you look more professional.

How To Get More Pinterest Followers

Get A Custom URL

It is highly recommended that you edit the URL (the web address that identifies your profile) for your account on Pinterest, as the default usually comes as a URL with numbers and letters that no one will identify with your profile when you share it on other networks or around the web. Choose a URL that is either your name, brand name or closely related to what your Pinterest account is about.

Use The Best Images

How to get more Pinterest followers? Use awesome images! Pinterest is all about the visual. Using high-quality images that tell stories and attract the attention of people can lead to those people repining your pins and also following you. It is also essential that when you create your content that it is unique and original to avoid problems with the copyright of the photos. If you don’t create your own images which you would obviously own the copyrights to, you either need to seek permission from the original owner or use free image websites to source them.

Perfectly Sized Images

In a Social Network as visual as this, it is very important to always have in mind the size of the images, mainly the size of your pins, so you do not get any gray stripes on each side to fill gaps around photos.

It is also important that the size of the image of the pin is not smaller than 600px because the picture will expand to fill space and could lose resolution.

Pinterest Image Sizes To Remember

• Cover photo : 600 × 600 px
• Pin size: 600x infinity px
• Thumbnails: 220 × 150 px
• On this platform, vertical images are said to get up to more than triple the interactions than horizontal ones.

Image Descriptions

One point you should not forget is to make a good description for the pin that you upload. Use the descriptions of the photographs to give users more information about it so they know immediately what the pin is about for example; a recipes ingredients or the context behind the picture.

Generate Your Own Content

This is one of the main points, if not the most important and indispensable when trying to increase Pinterest followers. It is said that on this network, over 70% of pins are repins of content from other users. This means, if you or your company create your own content then it is very likely that they can go viral because of its originality, thus achieving greater visibility and increasing the chance of getting more followers on Pinterest.

Add Pinterest Buttons To Your Website

If you have a website or blog, make sure that you have Pin It buttons installed so that people can easily pin your images. This makes people far more inclined to share your images because you have made it so much easier for them to do so.

How To Increase Repins on Pinterest

Remember that self-promotion is one of the main reasons why many people decide to part ways with you on Social Networks. If you only talk about yourself or your brand without anything that people find interesting then everyone will grow tired of you. People on Social Networks are seeking social interaction and quality content, which you won’t have if you only talk about yourself. Unless you are a celebrity, don’t do it too often. People follow celebrities on Pinterest because they want to know about them and what they are doing because they love that sort of information. Most people won’t care if your company decided to have a picnic and you shared all the photos.

How To Increase Pinterest Repins

Share Awesome Content

If you share many interesting things, every time someone opens something that you have shared they are more likely to recommend people to follow the Pinterest board where you shared. Yes, you have to share pins that interest your target audience and not so much you, because if not, you won’t increase your Pinterest followers. Try sharing continuously, not all at once in a single day, but sharing a little every day in small amounts to not overwhelm your followers but at the same time let them remember that you exist.

Comment On Popular Pins

Choose pins that have been shared many times and have many “likes” and make a comment that shows that you understand the subject. This can attract others to your own profile and if your comment touches on something interesting, more people will click to see who is behind that comment. This is a proven way to increase Pinterest followers and is one of the best Pinterest strategies that you can put into action.

Mention Others

On Pinterest, you can mention any of your followers by using the @ symbol followed by their username. If you’re sharing a pin that you think you may want someone, in particular, to see you can do so by mentioning in the comments so that they will notice. These mentions can achieve greater interaction with your followers and improve your position on this Social Network.

How To Increase Traffic With Pinterest

Connect Your Other Social Networks

You can connect your Facebook and Twitter to appear on your Pinterest profile. In addition, you can Tweet your pins, which will attract your Twitter followers to your profile. If you want to know how to get more Pinterest followers, then sharing your Pinterest content on other Social Networks could definitely give you a nice boost.

Pinterest Pin It

Promote Boards Individually

Most people prefer to follow the boards that they are most interested in rather than following a complete profile. Search for the most popular among your boards and place them in the top row, use the widget to boards or invite your followers to Pin it on them.

Get Into A Group Board

These boards already have a following with people adding pins of high quality, and this can help the followers of these group boards more drawn towards your profile. A word of warning, though, do not share pins that don’t have anything to do with the theme of the board, as will be perceived as a spammer and may get kicked out of the board because they are also moderated.

Follow Others or Their Boards

Use Pinterest’s search function and decide if you want to follow people or boards (my advice is to choose the boards that interest you). The person you follow will be notified and will probably go through your profile to see who you are and if you have interesting content. It is quite likely that if you have interests in common, they will decide to follow you too.


Contests can be insane ways to increase traffic with Pinterest and a good idea for a contest if you have an online store, for example, is asking the contestants to repin a pin that you choose on their profiles or content from your store using a hashtag so that you can find them.

Pin Consistently, But Not Too Much

Better a drizzle than a downpour they say. It’s important for people to see your pins, but there can be too much of a good thing sometimes. Depending on the amount of followers you have, you will need to find an appropriate frequency for posting that won’t annoy people. Do not share everything at once and try to distribute your pins throughout the day and be faithful to the theme of your boards. It does not seem very difficult but it is very common for people to concentrate all their pins in a day and fill the feed of their followers on the same subject which is monotonous and repetitive.

How To Get More Pinterest Followers: In Conclusion

Well, I hope that you can take action with these points on how to get more Pinterest followers and hopefully get some good results. Remember, consistency is key here and you shouldn’t give up after a day or too because you aren’t happy with the results, everything takes time and commitment.