How To Get More Instagram Followers

You may have been wondering how to get more Instagram followers so that you can finally start gaining some popularity and traction on this Social Media giant. Instagram has experienced unprecedented growth to date in terms of its number of users, photos and videos uploaded daily, and its overall general popularity. And with no signs of this platform beginning to slow down anytime soon, it should be a vital component of your Social Media strategy to promote your brand and increase your exposure. But of course, it is hard to get more Instagram followers when new and starting out and a lot of people actually give up way too soon. Getting more Instagram followers quickly is even possible in the early stages, you just need to do the right things, be willing to put the work in, and above all, have some patience.

How To Get More Instagram Followers:
Where To Begin

Instagram has become a fashionable application for businesses, brands, corporations, celebrities, and many people all over the World. Currently owned by Facebook, it is a different type of Social Network to most that allows you to communicate primarily with images, which translates into something very positive for those who want to get more visibility and exposure. Since the current trend is to be on Social Media, consumers everyday value more about what they think and recommend their acquaintances. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, Social Networks like Instagram are still continuing to rise in popularity due to its visual appeal and ease of use. Here are some of the best ways to get more Instagram followers:

Get More Instagram Followers

Optimize Your Profile

As with virtually every other Social Network there is, you need to complete your profile and optimize it correctly. Don’t leave any stone unturned and pay attention to detail. You may be surprised with how many users will visit your profile and decide whether they want to follow you or not. Having an incomplete profile and using bland and boring images is not the way to get more followers on Instagram.

Profile Photo

The first thing you need to do after you sign up for Instagram is to add your profile pic. While this image is quite small, it is going to be seen by everyone who sees your posts or profile so it is important to use an image that defines you and what your profile is representing.


It is important to put a brief description explaining who you are or what you do. Many people will read your description so you should be able to tell them in a limited amount of words all the vital information that they need to know about you in order to spark interest. Don’t overlook this section, as you can take advantage of it with the next point listed below.

Link to Your Website

Do not forget this point since Instagram gives you the ability to put a link pointing to where you want. This is a fantastic opportunity to put a link to your website so that people who visit your profile page will be able to see it and then visit you. While this part doesn’t necessarily help you with how to get more Instagram followers, doing this is a great way to increase website traffic with Instagram and it may bring in more visitors than you think.

Define A Theme

If you really want to be popular on Instagram, you need to define a theme that your account will be all about and maintain consistency. People follow accounts on Instagram because of the theme that they are about which the user is interested in. There are all sorts of themes to choose from ranging from animals to health and fitness, quotes, lifestyle, travel, and so much more. Pick what you will specialize in and stick with it. If your account is called something like “Follow4Dogs” then what do you think that all of your followers would be interested in seeing, a bunch of awesome dog pictures every day or pics showing sandcastle designs?

Use Good Pictures

While it seems like obvious advice, one of the best ways to get more followers on Instagram is to create and share quality pictures. Instagram is full of pictures that are re-used and recycled constantly and it’s not uncommon to see the same pictures on related accounts every day. While there is nothing wrong with using copyright free images for your content, it is much better to take your own pictures and use them instead. Try to take pictures that have some relationship with your target audience. If your audience can identify with the images you are sharing, they will be more likely to follow you and maybe even like or comment on your posts.

Get More Instagram Followers

A good photo does not have to be professional or perfect. In fact, what you’re after is to humanize your photos as some imperfections create a more natural and relatable feeling to them. Either way, whether you decide to go for a more natural style of imagery that looks like anyone can do or a more professional style that looks like it would take years of knowledge to be able to know how to take similar photos, pick your style and stick with it. If you want to know how to get more Instagram followers, then you should know that the pictures you use going to be vital to your success.

Create A Great Gallery

Having an awesome gallery is one way to get more people talking and interested in your profile. Instead of just posting random pictures that are related to your account, try to tell a story or follow a theme with each picture. Instagram users who open your profile will be able to see your 12 most recent posts. You can greatly increase the chances of them wanting to see the next 12 most recent images by having all of your images either set up in a way that it creates a good color contrast when looking at the gallery or if they have some sort of story that is being portrayed.

Describe Your Photos

You are given the opportunity to write a description or caption for every post that you make on Instagram. These sections do actually get read so be sure to include something original and show that you have some personality. Some accounts are known for having great descriptions for their photos and people love to read them and discuss it. If you have been wondering how to get more Instagram followers then this is a great method to adopt because it can really increase your engagement on your photos and get people tagging their friends in your photos too.

Utilize Hashtags

A Hashtag on Instagram is a word preceded by the hash symbol which looks like this #. You will commonly see words which have this symbol before it and that makes the word a hashtag. These are used to categorize posts and you can visit any existing hashtag on Instagram and see which posts have included that hashtag.

Instagram Hashtag

A good way to get more Instagram followers fast is by using popular hashtags such as #nofilter, which indicates that you have not used any filters in your photo, #FF, which means “Follow Friday” so that others can know to start following you, or #like4like, which is where people in this hashtag will like your photo in exchange for you liking theirs. If you want to know how to get more Instagram followers then using these hashtags can really get you started out.

\We recommend you use up to ten related hashtags per post and mix and match them too so all the people who view your posts don’t constantly see the same ones. Hashtags also have varying degrees of popularity too. A hashtag which gets posted into a lot will have a constant turnover rate and every time you go to see the posts in that hashtag you will see something new. These hashtags can expose you to a large number of people who may decide to follow you but, you are exposed for a very short amount of time so it will be limited to that window.

A hashtag with lower popularity and use will have posts stay around for longer because newer ones aren’t pushing them down and out of immediate visibility. Using these hashtags can also be a great way to get more Instagram followers but you need to find one which has a low post rate but is still quite popular for people to view. In terms of how to get more Instagram followers, using hashtags is something you can do from day one and can really help you get followers fast.

Editing and Using Filters

Instagram offers a range of built-in filters that you can use to enhance or in some cases, completely destroy your image. You can select from an array of options including lighting, shadows, tones, brightness, and much more. There are also pre-defined filters ready for you to use and all these filters can make a rock look like a diamond if used correctly. Here are some tips to make your photos look better on Instagram:

• Use bright photos with clarity: It is said that images which are brighter and have more clarity can get 24% more engagement than an image which is darker and harder to see

• Perspective: The angle of your shots matters too. Images with more space at the bottom of the picture have gotten people over 28% more engagement because of the perspective appeal

• Color Palette: Images with a single dominant color get on average 17% more likes than others with many or multiple colors happening

• Dominant Colors: Images with Blue as the dominant color get favored on average 24% more than others which are predominantly red

People are very visual creatures and pay attention to colors and details. With the exception of people who notice details such as highlights, shadows, and perspectives because they look out for them, others absorb and process this information subconsciously. Even if there is someone who says that they just don’t like a photo for no real apparent reason, their brain has decided a reason why based on the images appeal and their likes and interests. So, pay attention to these points above because everyone is judging your pictures and being influenced by things like these.

Post Timing

When people are learning how to get more Instagram followers they more often than not do not know the importance of post timing. Instagram is a very popular Social Network and most likely your followers refresh their feeds constantly. If you want as many people as possible to see your photos you have to publish at the right time. People are online at various hours throughout the day and will often check their Instagram when they have short breaks and have finished doing things such as work for the day.

The best times to post are in the morning and evening coinciding with before and after work hours. Most people will be on Instagram on their way to work or going home from work to pass the time and this is the best time to post on Instagram. You can also get some increased Instagram engagement during work lunch hours too when people are on break so this is also a good time to post. If your target audience is in a very specific time zone and location then you need to adjust your post timing accordingly. If you aren’t online during those hours, you can use popular Instagram tools such as Jarvee to schedule your posts so you don’t have to be online at the time to post.

Post Frequency

The frequency that you post at will also influence how to get more Instagram followers too and you should pay close attention to this. Even the biggest Instagram accounts don’t post a lot of content daily because it has been proven that this technique does not work. Most Instagrammers will only want to see a maximum of 5 posts from you per day and even that can sometimes be pushing it.