How To Get More Google Plus Followers

Want to know how to get more Google Plus followers? Then we have the best guide for you. Google Plus is still the fastest growing Social Network today without any signs of slowing down unlike some of its counterparts. Having a social profile on Google Plus offers a number of advantages that you should not miss out on such as automatic indexing of publications, better visibility on Google, and the potential exposure that Social Media platforms can bring. Lucky for you, this guide is all about how to get more Google Plus followers and we have come up with a list of pointers, tips, and tricks that can greatly help you with your success.

Get More Google Plus Followers:
Getting Started

Finally, you have made your post and you’re ready to publish. After making some adjustments and be sure that there are no errors, you hit the post button and expect to get a wave of views to it.

But nothing happens.

There are almost no visitors, or at least not as many as you expected. After having a peek at the traffic you see in your analytics tool that visits do not increase, but have actually reduced to little more than a handful each day.

How To Get More Google Plus Followers

 And more, that amazing article that you have worked tirelessly doesn’t strike a chord with the people viewing it. Your readers do not write any comments, share it, or even seem to acknowledge its existence.

That’s when you start thinking to yourself; what did I do wrong? Was it the tone I wrote in? Were the paragraphs too long? Do I need to learn how to get more Google Plus followers? Maybe my readers just don’t get my writing?

Either way, you are missing something and you need to figure out what. If you have a large account that has been around for a while but seems to have gone stagnant, think back to the posts which brought you better results. What were you doing differently back then? If you are doing the same thing, maybe it’s time for a change. On a fresh account, you need to split test what gets more engagement and stick to that style once you find your craft.

How To Get More Google Plus Followers:

Creating A Profile

Before you learn how to get more Google Plus followers, the first thing you have to do is create a profile that attracts attention. When someone on Google Plus is interested or curious about another user they tend to visit their profile to find out more information. If you are a company, brand, or identity, then having this page looking bland and boring is not going to do yourself any favors.

Get More Google Plus Followers

Every space that you can edit here lets you show your personality and inform readers about who you are, what you do, and why you are interesting. Fill out every section that you can and customize everything with your personal or company branding.

Profile Picture

Your profile picture is probably the first thing that people will see related to you Use the best photo or picture you have that represents you or your company. It can be your businesses logo or a good picture of you and remember; first impressions count!

Cover Photo

This is the picture that appears behind your profile pic on your profile page. Choose a high-quality picture that is related to you or your company such as a product, exterior shot of your building with your logo on it, a pic of your office space and team members, the list goes on. Use an image which makes people think that you have personality and they want to know more about you.

How To Become Popular on Google Plus

Find People In Your Industry and Follow Them

The most important thing on any Social Network is knowing who to follow. First, make sure you’re following influential people who you think would share your content with their followers. Use the Google Plus search function to find people in your industry or niche and decide who you think would be a beneficial follower to you.

Get More Google Plus Ones

Follow them so you have relevant contacts in your network and decide which Circle they should go into. If you are wondering how to get more Google Plus followers, then this strategy is one of the best that you can follow.

Create and Optimize Circles

Google Plus Circles are the core of Google Plus. Circles are like categories for your contacts. For example, I might have different Circles for friends, colleagues, acquaintances, business partners, and I will be able to share different things with who I choose to. Circles are the best way to segment an audience so that you can promote select material directly to them and not to others. Just make acquaintances with someone and you can see the option to add them to a Circle that you have created.

Share Compelling Content

Make sure the content you share is relevant and interesting to your followers on Google Plus. Always think if it is interesting for all of your Circles. If not, segment your content by circles and share it with the most relevant ones. I must stress how important it is to develop good content for your audience. The only way to attract followers and keep them is with interesting and useful content that they enjoy.

It is not necessary that you develop the content for yourself either as there are many websites and blogs that allow you to use your content if you put the source and link back to them. This can help you to get some content when you are first starting out but it is best to generate your own when you can. The aim of this is to increase Google Plus engagement with your audience to generate comments, discussions, and interaction.

Join Google Plus Communities

Want to know how to get more Google Plus followers fast? Then you should look into Google Plus Communities. The communities on Google Plus are very useful to relate and segment users based on interests. You can participate in both existing communities generated by users or even create your own and invite people. They are ideal for providing your content and to a wider user base who are interested in the same topic related to what you are promoting. This does not mean that all those involved in the communities will be following you, but if it is possible to get more Google Plus followers this way because your posts will have more visibility.


Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is basically video conferencing which also allows you to hold conversations with your followers. But it has a much more important function than just being a different version of Skype, you can demonstrate the quality of your products or services through a live video to everyone watching. What better way to draw attention to your brand than inviting people to a live presentation of the services or products you offer? This does not directly increase Google Plus followers, but if it is possible for users to see your commitment to the community or to value the content that you offer and end up becoming a fan of your brand, then indirectly it can help you get more Google Plus followers.


People use Google Hangouts for:

• Focus Groups
• Discussions
• Press Conferences
• Job interviews
• Product Launches
• Customer Support
• Technical Support


Remember that Social Networks are a place to share and discuss different topics, so don’t just share but also comment on the posts that others share. This greatly increases your exposure and puts you out there front and center for other people to see which can lead to them following you or sharing your posts. You can interact by giving peoples posts a +1 and also sharing interesting posts, commenting on other people’s posts, or you can participate in a Community where you talk about topics you know or care about.

Get a +1 Button on Your Website

Got a website or blog? Then you must add a +1 button to your website and your internal pages in prominent places. This way you can encourage the visitors on your website to share your content on Google Plus and therefore help you get more Google Plus followers and make your content more interesting in the eyes of Google.

Add Google Plus Box To Your Web Site

This is a widget that allows you to place a box on your website which allows your visitors to add you to their circles without the need to go to Google plus. This box not only helps you get more followers on Google Plus but also engage your reader and get a valuable social share.

Promote Your Page on Multiple Channels

This could very well be the most important point of this guide. Promoting your Google + profile isn’t limited to Google + itself. You can promote it almost anywhere you can think of so that you can maximize your exposure and get as many people seeing your profile as possible. Use other Social Networks to promote your Google Plus posts but remember, you need to offer something unique on your other Social Media accounts so that you are not posting the same thing on a different network.
In case you have not noticed each Social Network has a different format for presenting content, and this content must follow the outline of that network. Why would someone follow you on Google Plus if you present the same content on Twitter? For example, Google+ offers advantages for visual content such as videos, computer graphics, graphics, photos, gif animations. In addition, visual content is more viral than written because a picture speaks a thousand words. Each Social Network must have varied content so that people are encouraged to follow each channel independently and greatly increase your promotional base.

Consistency is Key

In order to get more followers on Google Plus, you need to follow the points above about using Google Circles, Hangouts, and Communities. Make yourself into a constant presence and interact with as many people as you can to increase your exposure. It’s important to be consistent and make this a daily routine if you want to get more Google Plus followers and you can see great results within time. This concludes our guide on how to get more Google Plus followers, be sure to follow the tips and tricks and start making your account more popular.