If you are interested in having a guest post on Target More Followers then you are in luck, because we are always looking for people who want to contribute good content. Be warned though, this isn’t some place that you can just churn out a short 300 – 500 word article with links to your website and expect it to get published.

You must first satisfy our guest posting guideline criteria and then pass our manual review before your post is approved for publication. Here are some tips to help you write an awesome guest post that we will heavily consider publishing on our blog:

You Must Write Detailed, Original, and Unique Content

In order to get your guest post published on Target More Followers, it should be a detailed article with a concise structure and flow to it. Your article will be run through Copyscape to check for plagiarism and we will also manually check it too for anything we may find to be sure that no part of your article appears anywhere else. It must appear exclusively on Target More Followers and also contain proper grammar while being free of errors and inaccuracies. If you write your article yourself without any plagiarism and meet this criteria, then you need to meet the requirements of the next point.

It Should Be Lengthy And Niche Related

This website is about teaching people tips, tricks, and methods for getting more Social Media followers. Your article must be closely related to this but can also be about a particular Social Networks features and uses too. Also, all of our articles on this website contain over 1000+ words and you should consider this as the minimum threshold you need to fulfill.

It Must Not Be Promotional

We aren’t going to accept any guest posts that we deem are promoting something too much. It is ok to mention other websites, companies, business, and similar things as long as it is completely relevant and contextual to the article and topic. Guest posts are not going to be used as advertisements for a brand, company, website, products, or services. Most of all, your guest post should provide value to our readers.

Use of Proper Formatting

As you can see by our articles and even this page there is formatting used with subheadings, paragraphs, and bullet points. Your guest post should have a similar format where applicable and break up large paragraphs if you can without disrupting the flow.

Send An Outline

So that we can avoid wasting time on both sides, please send over an outline on what you are thinking about writing. Be sure to tell us 3 to 5 ideas you have and include the title, subheadings, and general synopsis of what it’s going to be about. If we think that one or even more of your ideas has potential, we will let you know to go ahead with it and we will review it upon completion.

We Have The Final Editorial Call

This means that we reserve the right to make tweaks, changes, additions, removals, reworks and any edits we deem necessary or suitable to better fit our blog. If you are not alright with this, please do not submit a guest post to us.

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