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Do you want to advertise on a website targeted at helping people get more Social Media followers?

Target More Followers is all about producing content which gives tips, hints, tricks, and helpful guides for people who need to increase Social Media followers.

You have the opportunity to boost your brand exposure and awareness by advertising on our website if you think that our audience would be suitable for what you are promoting. 

Please read over our advertising guidelines and fill out the form below if you are interested.

Target More Followers is accepting advertisement slots in various positions located on our content pages:

Right Sidebar

This will be a sticky banner that will always be visible as the visitor scrolls the page on desktop browsers.

The banner will be 300 x 600 in size and will be designed by us unless we approve yours to be used.

Above Content

This advertisement will be 320 X 100 in size and will appear above the content before the text but after the title.

Below Content

Also 320 X 100 in size but will appear after all the text of an article.

Custom Location

Do you have a particular location in mind that you think is best suited for you? Just fill out the form below and let us know.

How It Works

Advertising slots can be rented on a weekly or monthly basis. All monthly slots run for a calender month and commence at the start of the month. Weekly slots also run by the calendar and will commence and cease in accordance with the specific calendar month it is running on. 

Each slot has a different rate subject to negotiation between us.

You can have every slot on the website for a higher rate and it must be booked in advance to assure availability. 

Ads will not run until your payment has been cleared into our bank account. Please leave an appropriate amount of time for this to happen if you want to run ads on a specific week/month. 

All advertisements are deemed fit for display by us at any time. This means if you are granted an advertising slot and then change the content on your website or parts of your website to something we deem unsafe, vulgar, inappropriate, or for any reason not suitable for our audience we reserve the right to cancel your advertisement(s). No refunds will be issued in this event and these decisions will only be made in extreme cirumstances in all fairness. We don’t ever want to cancel an advertisement but please be advised that they will be monitored to protect our viewers. 

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