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If you want to get more followers then you need a good strategy for all of your social media accounts. Many people wonder how to increase Social Media presence and get more Social Media followers but don’t know where to begin. Social Media is a massive phenomenon that has taken the World by storm and integrated itself into billions of people’s daily lives. It serves to reach potential customers, connect with stakeholders and maintain interaction within a market. For the majority of all business and brands out there whether they are online or not, having a Social Media presence can be absolutely vital.

There are companies that begin their adventure on Social Media and just create a Facebook page and a Twitter account. They kind of just expect things to happen and maybe make a few posts and follow some people, but soon realize that no one interacts with its publications and start believing that it is a waste of time, resulting in abandoned and forgotten profiles. Social Media is a lot harder to do right than more people think and there are methods and techniques to increase Social Media presence the right way and the wrong way. What most people don’t realize is that there is some work involved to make a profile look good and get popular and they are willing to give up too soon.
Lucky for you, I have made a list of the best ways to get more Social Media followers and tips to follow.

Get More Followers

How To Increase Social Media Presence and Get More Followers

  1. Choose The Most Appropriate Social Networks
    Often you will see many companies create Social Media accounts on every Social Network there is. While it is good to branch out and try reach as many people as possible, there are some Social Networks which just aren’t suited to certain types of businesses. It is also a bit embarrassing to see some companies Facebook Pages which have 10,000+ followers but their Instagram account has 100 followers. It can take a bit of testing to find out what works and what doesn’t but if one of your accounts is lacking in the followers and engagement department, it may be time to scrap it and focus on what is working.
    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest, and Instagram are some of the most popular Social Networks today and they are all very good to promote on and get more Social Media followers. You have to understand the characteristics of each to see if it is right for your brand or business. For example, Facebook works well for people who enjoy visual content and short videos but does not work well for outbound links. However, Twitter is the opposite case and allows you to direct followers to external content while Instagram is great for sharing pictures. Obviously, YouTube is the place to be for sharing videos. Think about what is best suited to what you do and develop a strategy using the tips and tricks on this website.
    Different Social Networks
  2. Create A List of Influencers
    One of the best ways to get more Social Media followers and increase Social Media presence is to target and follow influencers in your industry. These people are prominent figures in their niche and you will benefit greatly if the one day decide to share your content because it comes as a sign of trust. You can use the built-in search functions of Social Networks to build your list by researching the market. Create an Excel sheet to record each of the influential people, important blogs, who owns what, who writes for who, and any information you think is important.
  3. Follow People
    Unless you are a celebrity or prominent public figure, you need to follow people. You may want to stimulate your ego by having a low amount of people you are following in comparison to a lot of people following you, but this doesn’t sit well with a lot of people and they can perceive you as arrogant. When your Social Media account is brand new it is imperative to follow people on Social Networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. This is the easiest, and sometimes the only way that you will even get noticed.
    You can follow important people in your industry or even the followers of your competitors so that you have a more targeted base. One of them most common tactics to get more Social Media followers is to follow someone and then wait for them to follow you back then unfollow them a few days later. This can really boost Social Media followers and get you more in no time.
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  4. Know When To Post
    There are certain times on specific days that you will receive more engagement than others. You will need to study your account over time to gauge what times and days that your posts generate more engagement in order to plan the correct Social Media marketing strategy. It will also be dependent on your audience too if they are more active during specific times and days as well.
    To follow a general rule of thumb, the best times to post on Social Media are:
    Between 7am and 9am – When most people are on their way to work
    Between 7pm and 11pm – When most people are free after work
    These are the times that people are commuting in the morning and go on Social Media to pass the time and when people are home from work and are talking to friends and looking to be entertained. You could also try some lesser quality posts during work lunch hours to try and catch the attention of people on their breaks as well. Remember to publish content at these times in the area of your target market. If you live in the United Kingdom and your target market is West Coast USA, you need to be on their time.
    If the time difference is too big for you and it makes it virtually impossible for you to post at those times, there are some great tools such as Bufferapp which allow you to schedule future posts for automatic publishing. This can save you so much time and the small investment can pay for itself.
    Social Media Posts
  5. Show Personality
    When people follow a company or brand on Social Media they don’t want to be subjected to the bland and boring corporate dribble, they want to see that they have some character and personality!
    What do you think would draw more engagement from people?
    A company that announces it has just exceeded its quarterly targets and will pay all shareholders out.
    A company that announces it has just exceeded its quarterly targets and is giving all shareholders an awesome bonus!
    People love to be excited and just changing the tone of the way that something is said can make the words trigger different reactions. People can feel how you make them want to feel if you tell them how or make them. A lot of people function off their subconscious thoughts without direct intervention and will act accordingly to their first thoughts. This is how some companies are able to sell rocks as diamonds because they put the right spin on what they are selling, even if people know it’s a rock.
  6. Communicate With Your Audience
    One of the habits you must develop daily is communication with your audience so that you can bring them closer to you. People love been spoken to directly with a personable approach and this is something very powerful that you can utilize. Ask them questions to stimulate engagement and then participate in the answers and comments to keep it going. It does not matter if a profile has 100 or 10,000 followers, the important thing is that you are available to help and share with your followers your experience and knowledge and also just engage in conversation with them.
  7. Create A Blog or Website
    Today it is easier than ever to create a blog or website and it is so much more user-friendly than most people think. I am not going to recommend free websites to create blogs because they are not a sign of professionalism to represent your business and people can perceive you as cheap. I assure you, there is no need to hire a web developer or expensive website design agency because there are so many guides out there that can teach you step by step on how to build a website.
    With your own website, you can create content and share it on Social Media. Not only will this give you things to share, it can also bring visitors to your website who can then purchase your products or services. is the most common and easiest tool to use to build your very own website with once you have purchased web hosting and a domain name which can easily be done for just $20.
    Web Design
  8. Content

The content you publish is ultimately what is going to get you more Social Media followers and increase your Social Media presence. People will follow you because they like your content and not the amount of followers you have. You need to consistently publish quality content to keep your audience engaged and wanting more from you. Here are the core values and characteristics of good content:


It is very important to publish content on Social media that is for the user, rather than for you. This is an important tip to follow if you want to get more followers and it shouldn’t be overlooked. It has been shown time and time again that the content that succeeds the most are not promotional messages from a company, but those that are useful to the reader which provide some added value. So remember, don’t post a lot of promotional material or pictures that you think look good, you need to post what your followers want to see and just sprinkle in the promotions here and there. This is what will keep them interested in following you.


We all like to be told a story instead of being pummelled with advertising messages with authoritarian styles telling you to buy here or go there. Storytelling has become a very important marketing technique. Big brands like Coca-Cola, Apple, or Ikea often use storytelling to create engagement with their target audience in order visualize and place themselves into a situation. This can help people relate to the message they are trying to portray and in turn increase conversions.

The idea of this technique is to tell a story to convey the brand values, with a plot that hooks and excites the audience. The chosen themes are often emotional, current and controversial. For example, during last Christmas, many have created videos that refer to the loneliness of the elderly, an issue that strikes a chord with most people.


Emotions are the most important element of connection between the brand and the user and it is the main engine that drives the engagement between the two. To create emotions it is important that the manufacturers know their targets triggers because depending on their tastes, a photo depicting something can create different emotional responses among different people. Like the example above with elderly people on Christmas, not only does that tell a story, it triggers emotions within people which can persuade and influence them to do something they otherwise would not have done before.


When people can see that content has a lot of shares and engagement people are more inclined to share and engage because other people are too. Not many people are willing to be the first to like or share something but if they can see that other people are then that is usually enough to persuade them. Granted, this is a lot harder to achieve and you never really know if you are creating viral content when you are doing it but, once you do reach the viral effect it can snowball and pay big dividends for you.

Content Creation

Increasing Social Media Presence – Things To Remember

Follow this list of tips and tricks if you want to increase Social Media presence. This list will certainly get you started and heading in the right direction, you just need to follow the addition tips and tricks on this website for your chosen Social Networks that you are going to promote on. We have written comprehensive guides on how to get more Social Media followers on various Social Networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and YouTube which you can see in the main menu at the top of your screen and read about how to get more followers.

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